10 cool cursor themes for Ubuntu

Here is a link to some new cursor themes for your desktop. Installation though is not as easy as it should be, but after saying that it’s not that difficult. I will quickly list down what I did to get it working properly.

Go to this website Linuxnov.com and download the cursor theme you like.

Using Nautilus file manager  right click on file and select “Open as Administrator” extract (uncompress) the file to /usr/share/icons.  Make sure the folder is completely uncompressed. You may need to uncompress the file twice.

Next go to /usr/share/icons/default and edit the file  index.theme and change the line after the = sign to point to the folder you just installed. i.e


Logout and then back in, and it should be working.

NOTE: I have nautilus-gksu installed which gives me the “Open as Administrator” option when I right click on a file. You will need this to copy files to /usr/share/icons, and also to edit any files in this part of the file system.

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